Instead of baking brownies, try this recipe for white chocolate Blondies from Rachel Allen. Watch the video recipe or download the ingredients and instructio… Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • flyby457 3 years ago

    saw this lady for the first time on sat morn kitchen with james martin,i’m
    a fan of cooking programmes and these are exceptional. nice work.

  • thisismywebsite 3 years ago

    yeah, hope you like her show.

  • CaptainNensho 3 years ago

    cookies look good but she has man hands!

  • star1witch 3 years ago

    Haters make you famous.

  • flarekary 3 years ago

    alright, I just made these, they are very delicious. I used 4 tablespoons
    of creamy PB which gives more of a peanut butter undertone in the blondies,
    but still a smooth feeling when tasted. Also I used an entire stick of
    butter. I’d advise using more vanilla because … more vanilla is always

  • famsb9 3 years ago

    this sounded racists for some wierd reason

  • scientific1982 3 years ago


  • Brian567899 3 years ago

    This show makes me want to move to England.

  • Greg King 3 years ago

    Could I please get this recipe with American measurements? Thanks…

  • Jevin Turley 3 years ago

    I live it!

  • Kay Coombs 3 years ago

    Good simple home baking. Should be great to make with the kids! Peanut
    butter for them, white chocalate for me! Delicious!!!

  • Mylene Llanes 3 years ago

    lol theyre not ahihi thats just how she talks

  • Niamh Murphy 3 years ago

    if you have a problem with Rachels accent try the real irish accents from
    rural Ireland, at least you can understand what Rachel is saying

  • thisismywebsite 3 years ago


  • CaptainNensho 3 years ago

    @milunicorn youre a moron… do those look brown to you?

  • gneerowblack 3 years ago

    no wonder they look dry…she used peanut butter.

  • pinayateista 3 years ago

    You know you are SHALLOW if you fight over a person’s voice and accent.
    Some people need to get over themselves.

  • milunicorn 3 years ago

    @CaptainNensho i’m not being racist… just poiting out the fact that she
    used the word blondies for white brownies…

  • Crazzzybabie 3 years ago

    it’s ok but i prefer brownies

  • marsflamesniper 3 years ago

    I love her. Sooo much!