Learn how to make a Swedish Meatballs recipe! Go to for the ingredient amounts, … Video Rating: 4 / 5 One of our favorite dishes by our Amah. Super easy and so yum! Ingredients: Pork Belly Cooking Oil Garlic Rock Sugar or Sugar Light Soy Sauce (optional) Swee…

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  • D Patrick 3 years ago

    you can add some real butter if your meat is to lean :)

  • Tedulous 3 years ago

    i think i just got the Holy Spatula joke. Oh Chef John

  • Mama Bastet 3 years ago


  • TheNormalOddball 3 years ago

    Everyone should just go read the blog post! Chef John often explains why he
    veers from the truly authentic. He is trying to make this easy and tasty
    for the viewers! Of course he changes to recipe to his liking.

  • califdad4 3 years ago

    my swedish Aunt no longer makes these from scratch as its too much work for
    her, but what I did was just make meatballs and she gave me a swedish
    meatball gravy package from that swedish furniture store and everyone raved
    over them

  • mshara1 3 years ago

    Lingonberry Jam can be found in the Swedish Aisle of your local grocery
    store a.k.a. IKEA

  • SOIV1000 3 years ago

    Finally someone that knows how to make them the right way! /Sonja from

  • David K 3 years ago

    I have made these for guests multiple times and they have all raved about
    them. Thanks. P.S. Everything that I have made from your recipes has been
    excellent. Thank you again!!! Please don’t quit making your awesome

  • soilgrasswaterair 3 years ago

    And don´t forget your two teaspoons of soy in your sauce for the colour and
    the meatballs never fo in the sauce its something you have on the side.
    Other than that you did kind of ok :)

  • Weronika van Bree 3 years ago

    I love Your Comentary 😉 good job,gonna try them out soon! :)

  • kappuku 3 years ago

    it must be lingonberry sauce cant be any other jam or sauce.. it just
    destroys the swedishness of the swedish meatballs and also its called

  • MusiQofGold 3 years ago

    I´m Swedish :D

  • jiajiakai 3 years ago

    Nice recipe but i Dont think its cayenne in swedish meatballs 🙂 im swedish

  • HighlandYuki 3 years ago

    oh the lingonberry jam is crucial, you’ll never find a meatball dish in
    sweden without it

  • Veronika C 3 years ago

    Does it matter if your cream is cold or room temp?

  • idontlikegoats 3 years ago

    use a slice or two of bread soaked in milk instead of breadcrumbs, it
    really makes any meat more tender in a meatball shape!

  • theresa bollman 3 years ago

    LOL! The Italians TAUGHT the Swedes how to ROLL meatballs. :)

  • DonMuffatello 3 years ago

    You should make a version from ikea

  • Elizabeth Jennifer 3 years ago

    Making these tonight!

  • stickb2008 3 years ago

    Nice job !

  • Sambista Nega do Samba 3 years ago

    Your pork belly looks very delicious, I will find out if the pork store has
    pork belly and I will make it, I love Japanese food mmmmmmmm! Thank you
    sooooo much!

  • indu chukhu 3 years ago

    its so simple.. i will definitely try it.. right now im in hostel.. il be
    home by the end of ths month… and yeah i loved ur voice.. alot.. :)

  • Sonnid09 3 years ago

    Should I boil it first for all recipes?

  • MrDrPerci 3 years ago

    This looks like suck soul food. Tell your grammy she is awesome.

  • mrrayshao 3 years ago

    your gma just saved my world.

  • Robin Eiko Yoshida 3 years ago

    Great job! Thanks for taking time to put together Amah’s pork belly video
    although I must say, I’m very tempted to call your mom and invite myself
    over so Amah can cook this for me! Nom nom nom indeed!

  • denettra 3 years ago

    look yummy can i make it with chicken??

  • Jefry Christian 3 years ago

    ill try it… make me swalow my own saliva

  • MrDrPerci 3 years ago

    Mom?….. lol I don’t know! Im sorry!

  • grace r 3 years ago

    Pls ask ur amah cook more chinese dishes! I dont have any grandmother from
    both sides to teach me.. 🙁

  • Tj Kearney 3 years ago

    Your grandma is a super star! Tell her to keep on cooking!

  • SaRea Surmon 3 years ago

    Amazing, gonna try this recipe! Tell your gma I said thanks 🙂

  • Emil Brikha 3 years ago

    What a beautiful thing you’re doing. I’m inspired to do this with my
    mother. Always did want to gather her recipes in once place anyway.

  • Kevin Ow 3 years ago

    Looks incredible! Is the bean curd used the red fermented version or
    another type of bean curd?

  • dleetrini 3 years ago

    looks very delicious.. thanks

  • leo lee 3 years ago

    that looks amazing, something that good can only be prepared by a master

  • queenj91 3 years ago

    Wow that looks so good. I think I am going to try that recipe Thanks Amah!