Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse show how to brine a turkey with apple cider, a sure-fire way to prepare a juicy, flavorful Thanksgiving turkey. Brought to … Video Rating: 4 / 5 Chef Jason Hill of and the Chef Tips app on iTunes shares his best turkey recipe in this episode of “Chef Tips.” […]

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  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @nutone Cool! Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for letting me know!

  • reggie02062 3 years ago

    yummy, that looks sooo good!

  • PermanentlyLost 3 years ago

    Would you recommend adding a sugar or brown sugar to the brine?

  • Natr Brazell 3 years ago

    BTW: Just to let you know that I used this recipe on Thanksgiving this year
    and it turned out picture perfect. I’m passing it on to a friend who will
    prepare our Christmas turkey the same way. Appreciate your work.

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @HansVonSlathian It’s comments like these that inspire me to make more
    videos! Thank you!!!

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @wargokeith Cool! Hope you enjoy the turkey! Thanks for commenting.

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @cacahuatotito Enjoy!

  • Matt Fraser 3 years ago

    We are doing this for xmas dinner this year, I’ll tell you how it comes
    along 🙂 after xmas. May as well say it now before I forget – hope you
    have a good xmas, and keep these lovely, easy to follow videos coming.

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @reggie02062 Thank you!

  • Marv Placino 3 years ago

    Will this work for chicken too?

  • SoldierOfTheDeen 3 years ago

    i dont have a thermometer, can i take it out when its golden brown?

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    Good question! Actually I do rinse the bird because after removing it from
    the brine, there will be brine ingredients sticking to it.

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @BellaOfBacardi Give it a try and see what you think. What’s nice is that
    you marinate it in the brine the day before, so when you go to cook it, you
    are just basting it a bit. It’s really juicy and worth the effort. Hope you
    enjoy it!

  • PermanentlyLost 3 years ago

    @ChefTips I ended up adding 1 1/2 cups of brown sugar, I also added a small
    bunch of Marjoram , Turkey Turned out Great!!!

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    @yungmill210 Yes! =]

  • daniel rodriguez 3 years ago

    new at cooking a turkey. sounds great and easy enough to do…good video
    more so the fact he takes you thru step by step and you can replay over and
    over to get it right

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    That sounds delicious!

  • weazie1995 3 years ago

    good vid. 5 stars

  • Chef Tips 3 years ago

    Thanks so much! It’s our favorite recipe and I know you will love it! Have
    a great Thanksgiving! Cheers, Jason

  • runescrule 3 years ago

    same in estonia