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  • JustMe Anna 3 years ago

    I am eating it now.Taste awesome.Thank you Heather for recipe….yummiii 🙂
    <3 <3 <3

  • Mama Bastet 3 years ago

    Oh my gosh yum!

  • Mary O'Brien 3 years ago

    Wonderful dairy-free version of the yogurt dill cucumber salad I usually
    make. Going to try this for dinner tomorrow!

    Cucumber Salad Recipe – Healthy Vegan Recipes On Video

  • Audi Vargas 3 years ago

    What kind of coconut milk do you use for this recipe???? I see it’s in a
    can but can’t make out what kind. 

  • neeha glee 3 years ago

    That was a Good one! Just loved it! Thanks for sharing such an awesome
    video!! 🙂 

  • Nayeli0821 3 years ago

    What is the green and yellow thing that you add ? Thanks 

  • Christina Romita 3 years ago

    I love your videos- it’s not just a recipe, it shows your personality & you
    actually like what your doing! Genuine, it doesn’t come too often.

  • WatchLearnEat 3 years ago

    This looks great!

  • lilmeeper123 3 years ago

    I adore cucumber! I want to try 🙂

  • pac0re 3 years ago

    Don’t need much salt? That was a huge amount imo.

  • bxtatum 3 years ago

    Love love love this recipe!!! Thanks

  • Chris Tomion 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video. This salad has become a regular part of my rutine.

  • jmckn21 3 years ago

    Do you believe in measuring out ingredients for any of your recipes? Most
    of the recipe seems to be taste!

  • Kate U 3 years ago

    thanks a lot, defenetly going to try…

  • MaryE MCLea 3 years ago


  • Eduardo lugo 3 years ago

    I made this. The taste is really good by it self! Plus it is very healthy;
    this is keep in my diet as I need more raw recipe. I want to try and eat
    this with brown rice. Also, I think I made too much sauce.. or was I
    suppose to take some out and then add the cucumber? I didn’t do that.. ha
    ha.. I hope that’s OK. I want to try your Taco recipe next. 🙂 Keep up the
    good work!

  • idontlikegoats 3 years ago

    you have to remember that sea salt is much bigger than regular salt, so by
    volume it looks like a lot, also coconut milk and cucumbers are quite
    bland, so it was needed to balance toe flavor!

  • blueovaltrucks 3 years ago

    How long can the dressing hold in the fridge for? Also, how long can the
    salad last in the fridge too?

  • Dana Aerys 3 years ago

    Her voice is nice and friendly ^^

  • jmdinny30 3 years ago

    These videos of yours would be more interesting if you showed yourself
    juicing the lemon.

  • RawMichiMe 3 years ago

    Thanks for my lunch tomorrow 😀 looking forward to it, however I need to
    buy cucumbers…

  • Marthata Cogcolag 3 years ago

    I missed the adding of the yellow powder, can’t clearly hear what it
    was…for sure I would love this kind of salad cause I always like coco
    cream added any to my recipes.

  • gemmernumbaone 3 years ago

    I bought a bunch of dill and made this recipe as well as your dill potato
    recipe and they’re both so delicious! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Matt nunya 3 years ago

    I want to come eat dinner with you! lol xD

  • RMDelete 3 years ago

    ooooooooooookaaay…. honestly looks like a good recipe but this video was
    about 5 minutes too long… I had to fast forward about 8 times to just get
    the recipe…